Bambam's Addicted

Tips for work interview

What should we say?

What we do for being employed?

What we should avoid??!

Describe your strength. I mean the good one..

Do not lie in your resume!
Always SMILE! =)
Enough to share.. If you are qualified for all they need.. For sure they will hired you! But if not..

Jom lar kita muhasabah diri.. wuwuuuu~

Celoteh Cik Bambam: Pssstttt! Wish me lucks! cuak nieh!

4 ratus ribu orang tambah perasa! :):

Aziela said...

Good Luck... All the best! Mohon permudahkan segala. week turn akak plak.. Seriauuu...

Lea Isnawi said...

good luck cik bambam :)

Jaja Ahmad said...

heiippp...interview di mana?

Anonymous said...

amin2...insyaAllah..dpt tu..xdpt maknanye bukan rezeki disitu


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