Bambam's Addicted

IniAnwarHadi punya ceritaaaaaa!!!

Korang kenal saper dia Anwar Hadi???kenal ker??cik bambam tanya nie..korang kenal takkkkkkkk?? adehhhh..tak kenal?tapi sape-sape yang baca blog cik epal..mesti dah kenal kannnnnn~!kekekeke..Korang ingat tak pasal CB dok cita pasai youtube tegar tuh?? --' Lupa lar tuh!pi BACA sat..

cik bambam ko sungguh tertarek menarek dengan Anwar Hadi nie..!!his video so AWESOMEEEEE!!! Oh a youtube addicted..cuma takde bakat nak buat video sendiri and upload kat youtube..and believe me!u dont wanna see me uploading my own's not awesome at all!hahahhahahah.. when my 1st time to see his video on cik epal blog..from start to the end..u wanno know my reaction?


Yup im agreed with cik epal..he seems like Maria Elena but in male version!hahahah..but it is still different k.. I'm watching all his 9 videos yesterday coz i'm addicted to..poor me.. --' and automatically im typing this entry in englishhh?!!whattttt??!!even do im not good at all writing english essay..whatttt againnn??!!hahahahha.. BUT im TRYING to IMPROVE my SECOND LANGUANGE is very-very BROKEN! least im trying than talking about others..rite?

Oh yaaaa...a sample video for u to see.. leave ur comment about him to me..whether u like or not!but im 100% sure u will luv him..errr...or not..sumthing wrong sumwhere with ur head..or MAYBE im a UNIQUE person just like him..kekeke..right Maria Elena??!!Oh ya...she weird too! :D

I swear i can't stop laughing okehhhhh~!!
Jom klik LIKE facebook dia!and not to forget to subscribe his video okeh! :)

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