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My 14 Minutes survey tag by Cik Kima!

Cik Kima tag cik bambam..jadi cik bambam kena jawab gak ek! Kang korang lak! Boleh wat ice breaking kannnn.. :P Mula2 nak introduce Cik Kima.. Ni hah CIK KIMA... Dekat blog Cik Kima nie ada adiah lar babe..korang kena scroll down entry sampai bawah sekali kalau nak tau apa adiahnya! AWAS~!

Anggun bergaya berkaca hitam!
Ayomatttttt...get setttttttttttttttttttttt..gooooooooooooooo~!!

Instruction : Once you are tagged , answer all the question honestly. No lying or cheating ok?

Starting time: 11.22 pm
Name : aida adlina adit a.k.a cik bambam
Brother(S) : 3 abang 1 abg ipar
Eye colour : dark brown
Shoe Size : 7/8/9
Hair : black/big curly
Piercing : yes
Height : 165cm
What are you wearing right now : BAT clothes
Where do you live : Nilai, N9
Favourite Number : 7
Favourite Drink : rx-lite+nescafe! wahahahha
Favourite month : december
Favourite Breakfast : rx lite.. =_='


Broken a bone : Nope
Been In a police Car : Nope
Fallen for a friend : Yes
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : Yes
Swam In the ocean : ocean nope..beach yes
Broken someone's Heart : Yes
Cried when someone died : Yes!!!!! opkos yes!
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : Nope!
Saved E-mails : Yes
Been cheated : Yes and also cheating back.. T_T'


Your room look a like : mini stor.. :|
What is right beside you : raga baju kotor
What is the last thing you ate : Yong Tau Fu wif ABC


Who did you last tell : colleague
Who was the last person you danced with : my niece
Who last made you smile : kakak jual yong tau fu


What are you listening to right now :
What did you do today : works and surfing
Are you the oldest : nope..
Indoors or outdoors : or? hehehe..prefer outdoors


Talk to someone you like : yes
Kiss someone : nope
Sing : yes
Talk to an Ex : nope
Miss someone? : yes.. :'(
Eat : yes


You talked on the phone to : ejen AIA insurance.. (dorang nie tak reti nak terima perkataan TAK BERMINAT ek?)
Made you cry : Mario Maurier
You went to the mall with : friends and family
Who cheered you up : Nazmi..Nazmi whooo? Nazmi Raja Lawak 5 tadi!hahahah...kelakor betol dia kan!


Been to Mexico? : Nope but someday mayb
Been to USA? : Same as above


Have a crush on someone : yes
What books are you reading right now : RAPI
Best feeling in the world : being slim and healthy?
Future kids name : son or daughter??
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : nope
What's under your bed : a lot!!langsir tak pakai!kotak!kotak!and kotak!
Favourite sports : cycling
Favorite place : home
Who do you really hate : a CHEATER!
Do you have a job : yes
What time is it now : 11.33 pm (11 minit je ku jawab..kena tukar nama survey nie..)

With however long it took you to complete this ,
post as "My 14 Minutes survey" and tag 15 peoples.
Macam bese.. Cik Bambam nak buat sesi suai kenal bersama folower baru..wink-wink! :P

footnote buat Cik Kima: Blog kamu ada Malware! Sila atasi segera ek..huhuhuhu.. Ini lar adiahnya.. =_='

8 ratus ribu orang tambah perasa! :):

farasakura said...


Anonymous said...

hehhee..mekaseh..tapi da penah buat dulu :)

Siti Noraisyah said...

Banyaknye nak kene jawab... huhuu.. kene tgu masa yang betul2 tenang ni.. heeee.... ^^

b a m b a m ' s said...

jangan malas2 ek..hehehhe

b a m b a m ' s said...

@cik ayin
okeh cik ayin..xper.. :P

b a m b a m ' s said...

@Siti Noraisyah
alar kak non..soklan jek pjg..jwpn pendek..YES or NO..hahahah

Cik Moon said...

erkkk thanks tag cikmoon.. huiiyoo..banyak tu soalan..

b a m b a m ' s said...

@Cik Moon
soklan jek byk..jwpn pendek jek..hehehe


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